Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Timing is everything

I have been reading up on getting the timing set on the truck. Hopefully once the new carb is on in a few weeks, it will fire right up, without leaking fuel. But I have a feeling that it is not going to be that simple.

I had to pull the distributor off a while back, because I dropped a piece down inside of it. It all went back together easily, but I did not realize I was screwing up the timing when I pulled the distributor.

With new spark plugs and wires, points, condenser, rotor, cap, ignition coil, battery, battery cables, a new fuel pump, a starter that checked out OK, and the shiny happy carburetor installed, this bad boy SHOULD start pretty easily once everything is setup properly.

I did find a couple of things that I have to double check when the rain stops. I do not remember checking that the points were making contact with the distributor shaft when I installed them. Also, I have already tightened the fan belt a couple of times, maybe, maybe too much tightening. It really should be replaced before I go much further.

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