Friday, June 10, 2005

10 W What the hell?

Friday morning I was all set to get a little accomplished with the truck. I mainly planned to attack the oil leak. It started leaking after I changed the oil a couple of weeks ago. Since I am still trying to make sure there is no gas in the oil, from the bad fuel pump, it was not a total waste.

But it is now leaking worse than ever. Racecar Man suggested that I might have cross threaded the drain plug. Bummer. But he also had a possible solution. I could install an oil drain, like the Fram SureDrain. I am going to go pick one up and install it, once the oil all leaks out of the pan.


Darth Daddy said...

Are you sure that it's leaking fom the oil plug? I once had a horrible leak after a change - i turned out that the rubber ring seal (top of the filter) had remained, so there were 2 on, and they leaked. (One from the old filter, and one from the new one).


Mike said...

It's all about the drain plug. The filter is at least 4 inches from the drain pan.

But I am sure that will happen to me someday.