Friday, June 17, 2005


Yesterday, I struck out. But I was not too discouraged. This morning, I headed out to another junkyard. Nothing there, but I did not find this out until I walked the yard looking for "the yellow 68 Chevy out on the left side". Never found that truck. The closest I got was a 74 that was yellow. And it was sitting on the right side of the yard. And it was a Ford.

I haven't been on this side of town in a while, but I remembered there were a few yards, so I kept cruising. Nothing at the next lot, but the counter staff knew that, so no time wasted. They sent me to another, a half mile away.

This place had a white 68 3/4 ton sitting next to a green 69 or 70 1/2 ton. The white truck has the same blue interior as mine. It HAD seatbelts that looked like they were seldom used. It also had decent looking visors.

The seatbelts and visors were the score of the day, but the rubber horn button retainer is a close second. I grabbed a couple of other small parts and hit the road. A lot lighter in the wallet, but with a big grin and some grease on my face.

I am going to think about buying the front end off of this truck. The fenders, inner fenders, grill and bumper are all nicer than mine. I don't know if it will fit my truck, though. If it will, I might have to drag The Boss Lady out there to see what a great deal it is. Especially when you consider the time that it would take to repair mine.

Or maybe she will let buy it if she does not have to go.


Darth Daddy said...

I dont remember reading if you are trying to resore the truck (like with original parts and all) - or just trying to fix er up and make her road worthy.

If your not restoring her, you may want to consider getting some spify new stuff, like salvage visors with lights in em. I did this alot with my Firebirds - I had a base model, and then swapped out all the "new and expensive feature" parts for a fraction of the cost.


Mike said...

Just wanting to make it out of the driveway for now. I am staying pretty stock, inside at least.

Mechanically, I dunno, yet. After I drive it, maybe I'll want to upgrade some stuff.