Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Homeless batteries welcomed

The entire time I have had the truck, I have not had a battery for it. When I need one, I pull it out of one of the other cars. Last weekend I saw a battery sitting out on the sidewalk at my neighbor's house. It was sitting right by the street so I assumed someone had done a quick battery replacement and stopped mid-job. I can appreciate that.

But neighbor mom came over to ask if I knew anything about the battery. She had no clue why it was sitting on her sidewalk. Since neighbor dad is a longhaul trucker, and he just left for three weeks, I told her I would pick it up and get rid of it when I bought a battery for the truck.

"DING" the bells went off. I set the battery in the truck tray. A perfect fit. I pulled out the battery tester. A good volt reading. I hooked it up to the charger and this morning I'll go have it tested at Autozone. Says it is a 550 CCA battery. If it is really a good battery and it is powerful enough, then I am one step closer to having the truck move on it's own power.

If it is not a good battery or it is not powerful enough then I'll just swap it when I buy a new one. Or maybe someone will drop me a better battery next door.


Darth Daddy said...

Hmmmmm those suspicious, yet very generous "Battery Gnomes" are at it again, huh?


Mike said...

Now if the carb gnomes and tire/wheel combo gnomes will visit my other neighbor...