Friday, June 03, 2005

High Dollar Belt

I went to NAPA this afternoon to pick up a carburetor base gasket. I have already learned, the hard way, that they sell the best gaskets there. While I was there I grabbed a few other things. When I got to the car, I realized that I had just spent $15 on a fan belt. I thought it sounded a little pricey, but I don't want to be without a fan belt.

So I headed across the street to Autozone, where they had the same belt for $4. A quick trip back to NAPA and a little bit of humility later, since the counter guy was annoyed at having to process an instant refund, and I was on my way.

After 10 minutes at home the belt and a new PCV filter are installed. And I am a couple of steps closer to needing that carb for real...


Darth Daddy said...

I cry when NAPA is the only place to get the part I need. IT's a last resort.
Only had one problem with them - they told me that my car doesn't exist. Acording to them, that 1977 Crystler Town and Country (hearse/station wagon) in my driveway is a figment of my imagination.


ps. You can always use online sites to get an estimate of part prices - and so forth.

Mike said...

Yeah, I love the online parts places. It is great to have a part number in hand when i go to the store. Makes me look like I have a clue.

I really like Plus, the store is usually cheaper on in stock parts than it shows online. A nice bonus.

Darth Daddy said...

I LOVE having a part number in hand, AND a price so when they tell me that the $100 is the only one, I can say "What about that $20 you have? Part # 123456".

Also, parts clerks are second only to gun dealers in making you feel stupid when you dont know the name of something. You can spend 2 hours (and video tape it) taking apart an engine to get to a part - take that part in - try to describe where it came from (and even show it to them), and they'll STILL make you feel dumb for not naming the part correctly.

ME:"Look - I need THIS peice - it was attached to the distributor post."

CLERK: "Ohhhh you mean a reverse phase coupling modulator spring valve inverter module?"

ME: "How the hell shoudl I know?! If I knew it's name, I'd have asked you for it BY name."

Maybe that's why pro mechanics charge so much - not for their knowledge, but for having to deal with moron parts counter clerks (if they forget the name of the part they need).


Mike said...

I have posted several pics on the Chevy truck forums asking "What the hell is this thingamajig called?" Just so I know what to ask for at the parts store.

Seems to be universal, because all of the guys have dealt with parts counter guys like that.

No experience with the gun dealers. I would shoot my eye out.

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