Sunday, June 05, 2005

40 pounds lighter and 2 plates cooler

Here are the 1968 Farm Truck license plates I bought off of Ebay. I can't license the truck with them, since it won't be a farm truck any longer, but I could not resist for $10.

And the 40 pounds? I cut out the steel bed floor today. No pictures. The digital camera is missing in action. The wooden bed floor was better than I expected until I started poking around with a hammer handle. At least 80% of the remaining wood fell out without me applying any real effort. Every thing on the bed floor will have to be replaced but that is not a surprise. The surprise was that this only took an hour. I thought it would be a much harder project and I wanted it done before Bulky Trash Day, on the 27th. Now I have to store a giant rolled up piece of jagged steel for a few weeks. If it could not give you tetanus, it would be a cool piece of yard art. When I find the camera, I'll post a pic of 'Ode to the American Farm Truck'.

I already had a piece of plywood covering the bed floor, trying to make sure The Talker did not cut himself on the rusty steel. Now, the plywood is back, screwed to a 2 x 4 scrap wood frame to help keep the boy from falling through.

After finishing the destruction, I pulled the truck to the front of the driveway so that I could clean up the mess and the greasy stain underneath. I brought it too far out and when we rolled it back a few inches, the passenger side rear brake line burst. To this point I have not even looked at the brake system, so I guess this is a not-very-subtle reminder that there is more to do after I get the truck running.

After I scrub the back half of the driveway again, I'll put the truck back. Then I can scrub the brake fluid stain off of the front half of the drive.

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