Wednesday, June 22, 2005

New wheels to the rescue

Thanks to one of the dudes over on the Chevy Truck Forums, I will be getting a new set of wheels for the beater.

The check goes in the mail today, so it will be a while until we are rolling in style, but the wheels are definitely going to be the best looking part on the truck.

I started out looking for stock steel wheels, but these were too good of a deal to pass on. I might have to keep looking for some nice original wheels, though. I need something to put my nice hubcaps on.

While I am waiting for the wheels to migrate south from Wisconsin, I'm going to attempt the brake line replacement. Then, we will need decent, yet cheap rubber for the new wheels. Then...


Darth Daddy said...

Those new rims look SWEEEET. Im jelous.


Mike said...

$150, including shipping from Wisconsin.

Yeah, I am bragging. And wearing a big dumb grin.