Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Cruising the hood

During the last few days I have hauled six different people in the truck. Never more than a block or two, but everyone has made it safely to their final destination. Actually, The Talker and I drove the truck a couple of miles in one trip the other day. We even left our street for a block or two.

For the record, I have now driven the truck 7.3 miles. Considering the money I have spent on this thing so far, that comes to a little less than $125 a mile.


Rick said...

I am afraid to calculate my cost per mile. You have guts.

Another interesting statistic might be the ratio of hours of maintenance to minutes of drive time.

Mike said...

My real guts came through when I showed the wife this post.

When I got the truck I was keeping track of my time. When I hit 100 hours after a month and a half, and still was not even close to drving, I gave up. I bet I am over 200 hours now.