Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Odometer

BEGAN work with 45232.2 miles.
NOW reads 45800.4 miles.
TOTAL 568.2 miles driven.
PER mile cost $3.52.

PARTS off of at least 18 different trucks.

Most of it is still the original farm truck.
The right fender and door skin came off a junkyard truck.
The visors and seat belts came from a 1968 junkyard truck.
A couple of small engine parts came off of a 1970 junkyard truck.
Two of the wheels came from a junkyard in Waco, TX.
The mirrors and door handles came from a swap meet.
The side reflectors came from a 1972 Blazer.
The hubcaps came from a swap meet.
The replacement bed came off a 1968 Anniversary Edition truck.
The battery tray came out of a 1968 GMC in Temple.
The wiper motor came from Minnesota.
The washer bottle holder came from Minnesota, also.
Two fuel senders came from a guy in Virginia.
The rear brake lenses and 1 reverse light lens came from Virginia, too.
The other reverse light lens came from California.
The master cylinder cover came of a 69 Chevy from Leander, TX.
The cigar lighter delete plug came from Illinois.
The hood letter badge set came off of a couple of trucks in Pennsylvania.

40 different streets
2 trip on the highway
12 trips out of the neighborhood
30 miles, the longest trip was to downtown and back
3 Walks of Shame, thanks to a dead battery and a clogged fuel filter

Only two repairs have been done at a shop.
The drive shaft was rebuilt at Austin Drivetrain.
The BRAND NEW tires were installed at Discount Tires in Austin.

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