Saturday, July 30, 2005

Electrical system progress

The 37 year old alternator tested fine. Good, because it cost about $40 to replace. Next I am going to pull the voltage regulator. Better that it be the problem because it cost $13 to replace.

Now if I can just get the damn thing off of the truck. The rubber grommets that hold it to the radiator support are proving to be difficult to remove. Especially since I don't know where I could get some more if I trash them during removal.

While I had the alternator off this morning I cleaned the bracket arms and everything else that I could get to easily with the alternator out of the way. A little oven cleaner and elbow grease did a lot of good.

Now the driver's side of my engine is lemony fresh, thanks to the Wal-Mart oven cleaner.

1 comment:

Rick said...

That Wal-Mart brand lemony-fresh stuff seems to work better than the name brand stuff, and at half the price.