Sunday, July 31, 2005

Voltage regulator

I am going to have to order the rummber grommets for the voltage regulator. So the truck might be sitting for a while. Only $3 for all of them, from the first catalog I saw, but it would be about $10 in shipping for purchases up to $50, so I might as well order a few other things, too.

I tried to remove the ignition lock cylinder again today. No sucess. I have spent at least 5 hours jerking around with this thing. I want to install a new one that came with a matched set of door locks. Right now the doors don't lock. Hopefully I can figure out what is wrong with them while I am installing the new locks. But I don't want to do that until I get the ignition key replaced.


Andrew said...

You are about two weeks behind me now. I have the electrical system working great. But then again, I am now driving everyday and got tired of unplugging things when ever I stopped.

Andrew said...

Does the key turn? Have you looked inside the door yet?

Mike said...

I pulled the door panel off and peeked around, but I did not mess with the lock replacement. NOw I can't remember if the door locks turn or not. The ignition works fine, so I could leave it alone.

But that is not my way.

I am great at taking things that work fine and breaking them and repairing them so that they work much worse than they originally did!

Andrew said...

My first truck could be unlocked if you hit the door in the right place. No need for key.

The locking mechanism is pretty simple, so I didn't know if something was rusted or fallen off. Mabee the locks just need lubricant.