Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Rolling through the neighborhood.

The truck sat for more than a week without being started. So this morning I decided to make sure she remembered what to do. Alas, she had forgotten already. It took me a while to get the truck started. I suspect that I ran out of gas last time and it took a little cranking to get fuel to the carb.

Once it was idling, I went for a quick drive but the truck did not seem to be running as smoothly as before our week apart. Racecar Man confirmed this when I cruised past his house. This afternoon I was planning to tinker a little and I was going to check the timing, but Marge must be slowly remembering how to be a truck.

She started on the first try and purred like a kitten for The Talker and I to take a drive down to Racecar Man's house to deliver some swim towels this evening.

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