Wednesday, July 27, 2005

New Wheels, Again

After our zoo trip, The Boss Lady talked me into taking a quick run up to a Chevy truck junk yard that we pass when we go to The Queen Mother's house. But they always seem to be closed on those trips.

Within 2 minutes of getting out of the car, I was 50 buck poorer, but I had two stock wheels that would bolt right onto the truck, unlike the wheels I bought online, a while back. These wheels are white. I'll repaint them silver, eventually.

The big bonus of the deal, they had tires mounted still. I wanted the guy to take the tires off, but he said he could not do it then. Once we got home, I tried to see how bad the tires really were. Both are holding air and in much better shape than I first thought. Of course, a brick would make a better tire than what was on the truck yesterday morning. Yes, I have been riding around on this, the whole time. Or should I say 'hole time'...

The only downside to the new wheels/tires? The 1 1/2 inch wide white wall. I can't even describe the look. Especially when only the fronts have the stripe and the rears are still rolling on tall mud grabbers. I'll get a picture for you.


Rick said...

You could swap the tires onto the opposite rims. Then the white walls would be on the inside and you wouldn't have to look at them.

It will cost you about $15 at Wal-Mart.

Mike said...

Yeah, but I can just wait until I buy tires and then get 'em swapped for no extra fee! They are ugly, but so is the rest of the truck.