Friday, July 15, 2005

Timing is everything

Back when Racecar Man helped me get the engine running again, we got the timing set pretty easily. And the truck was running fine, especially for a vehicle that had not run a dozen years. Afterwards, Racecar Man remembered that we should have disconnected the vacuum advance before setting the timing. Since the truck was running OK, we left it alone.

But then Wednesday the truck was hard to start and it was not idling smoothly, so I decided to tackle the timing today. And after just a few minutes and a minor adjustment, the truck runs completely different. As it turns out, we were about 15 degrees too far advanced.

So this afternoon I have cruised the streets in my easier idling, quieter and more powerful truck. I am amazed at what a small adjustment in timing did for this engine. Racecar Man even got to take a drive. He may not have been the first passenger, but he will now go down in history as only the second driver since the truck came back into service.


Andrew said...

You let someone else drive the truck. Your nice. I won't let my Dad drive the truck and it is his dad's truck. But then again, there are certain procedures that have to be followed to actually get it down the road.

Mike said...

But this is THE MAN! He went to the farm and helped me decide if the truck was worth saving. We used his truck to pull it out of the mud. He coached me through getting it running again. He owns the timing light...

Anyone else works this hard on my hobby, they can drive it, too.