Saturday, July 16, 2005

Gas run!

Lots of running around in the neighborhood today. A bunch of small trips and one memorable trip to the gas station. I was going to borrow a 5 gallon gas can from a neighbor, but he wasn't home. And by my estimation, it was only a couple of miles to the gas station, so off I went. I was feeling brave since the wife and kids were not around to bail me out if the truck broke down or the cops were not amused by my sweet ride...

When I left the station I was worried that my gas gauge might not be working properly. But then I remembered that my $5 bill had only bought me a couple of gallons of $2.15 per gallon gas. So the tank still might not have enough in it to get a good reading.

The station is less than a mile from our house, but since I drove side streets instead of the major route, it took me about 20 minutes and 6 miles to get there and back. Very exciting!

The Talker and I took a ride this evening before bed. We went up to the park and back. He really wanted to stop and play, but I wanted to make sure we did not have to walk home in the dark if we broke down, so we headed home. Without breaking down.

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