Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Battery tray, short version

I posted a few minutes ago about a battery tray replacement. Hopefully that post will show up eventually, and I can take down this shorter version. 'Cause it was a good post.

Original battery tray in many pieces due to rust and battery acid

Repaired with wood and bailing wire at least 12 years ago

I tried to replace the now rotten wood. Broke it all to hell. Cussed. A lot

Guy emails me on the Chevy forum that he has a battery tray setup for $20 out of a 68 GMC

Gotta drive an hour away to get it, to the town my sister lives in

I will be going up there to get it soon. But only because she has finished her move to a new house

Actually, this seems to be a better post. So maybe I'll leave this version online.

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