Sunday, April 03, 2005

Carb Off, Round 2

Sounds like a good name for a diet program, right?

This afternoon, once the party go-ers were gone, I got to work re-removing the carburetor. Since I was taking it off, I decided to remove the manual choke cable, that I broke an in or two off of, when I installed the carb last week.

And since that was coming out, I decided to start gathering the engine parts that I need to obviously replace. Plus, I wanted to start cleaning any other parts that I removed. So now I have lots of pieces of my truck engine sitting in a box in the garage.

Spark plugs and wires? In the box.
Cap and rotor? In the box.
Carburetor? It's in there, too.
Starter? Yep.
Ignition coil? Why not.
Distributor? Was in the box, but I reinstalled it. Hopefully correctly.
I only removed it because I dropped the cam oiler right down the distributor shaft.

I sealed all of the openings up, so I can take my time getting some of these parts replaced. And hopefully, once these are all reinstalled, or in the case of the carb, re-reinstalled, that 307 will come back to life.

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