Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Liar Liar, Primer on Fire

I said I was not going to start on the rest of the truck until I saw how the roof turned out. Well, I was encouraged because it looked pretty good so I started on the hood and cowl.

I am trying to decide how much disassembly I want to do to the truck. I am not sure that I want to strip the trim and badges off of the truck right now. It would surely look better if I pulled it all off, instead of taping over it. But, I am concerned about breaking the badges during removal, especially on the front edge of the hood, where there are individually mounted letters, spelling out CHEVROLET.

I don't have the cash, or the want-to, to replace all of the trim pieces. So I might tape and trim around them and do the best I can. Here is a pic of the roof, after one coat of paint, and before wet sanding. Compared to the starting point, It looks pretty good, streaks and all.

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