Friday, April 08, 2005

Driver's Door Handle

The push button on the outside door handle has been screwed up since before I brought the truck home. At first I thought the push button was missing. Luckily, it was just wedged, cock-eyed into the handle.

I got out there this afternoon and was able to get the push button operating properly again. Without opening up the interior door panel! Of course, this was only possible, since the rubber and felt gaskets that keep the window frame rattling and keep the rain and wind out, are no longer attached to the window. Mostly, these gaskets are crumbled and laying in the bottom of the door, in a bazzilionty pieces of rubber and felt.

This was not a permanent fix. But now I know how to get everything lined up, next time it happens. A shim, that holds the button in place and assures that it contacts the internal mechanism properly, is missing. I suspect it is laying inside the door, covered in little bits of rubber and felt gasket crumbs.

One of these days I will have to open the doors up. But I hope to repair/replace everything that needs attention at the same time. Until then, I'll keep peeking in through the opening left by the missing gaskets.

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