Friday, April 01, 2005

I fought the carb

and the carb won.

Rebuild - done. No problems getting everything cleaned and put back together. Yeah!

Getting everything hooked back up, not much problem, except with the manual choke cable. Once I figured out that I was trying to thread it through the retaining block, while holding the retainer upside down, life was much better.

Until the leak showed up again. Yep, the one that convinced me to rebuild the carburetor in the first place. Back then, I was hopeful that one of the gaskets had simply failed. Guess not. I think it is leaking through one of the linkages. But, which one? Dunno, don't care. I'll be looking for a professionally rebuilt carb, soon enough.

I must have really done a number on the carb adjustments, too. There was not even the slightest glimmer of starting up tonight.

Of course, once I saw the gas leak, I was not really that interested in getting her started, anyways. My firebug days are over. Just ask Rick.


Rick said...

Is this a reference to the grill explosion?

Mike said...

The great grill explosion of, oh let's call it 1985. Yeah, that was the reference.

And no, my eyebrows never did grow back quiet right.

And yes, I always open the lid before lighting the gas grill, NOW!