Saturday, April 23, 2005

A few steps forward, nine letters back

After two extra trips to the parts store, I got the battery cables reinstalled and I replaced an in-line fuse holder that had a broken fuse wedged inside. I did not take time to trace the wiring to see what this fuse was protecting. I realized the old fuse was not going to come out, so I spliced in a new one. For the time being, I am using some crimped connectors to repair old splices. Eventually I want to make more permanent repairs to the wiring.

After success with the cables, I decided to try and remove the hood emblems that spell out CHEVROLET. I have not really wanted to do this, but there is no way that the hood will look OK in it's new paint without it. It was a bad idea. I broke the first letter I tried to remove. The emblems cost about $30 plus shipping for the replacement set. The damage was done, so I went ahead and removed them all.

The good news, I only broke seven of the other letters. If anyone needs an original E for a 1967 or 68 Chevrolet truck hood emblem set, I'll sell you one. For $75. Shipping included.

After I finished the necessary moping around - complaining about breaking the emblems off of my hood, and a little more wet sanding on the hood, The AtHomeFamily headed out to Car Night at Home Depot. Funny thing, I noticed that neither of the 1968 Chevy trucks out there had hood emblems, either. I guess I started a fad!

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