Monday, April 11, 2005

Progress Pictures

This is a front view of the truck, that I have posted before. Now compare this more recent picture of the hood. A long way to go, but it is looking better.

Here is another shot from this afternoon.

This picture is a before shot of the cab roof. Hopefully I'll make some progress on it soon.


Rick said...

Looks good!

Don't forget that most primers will _not_ protect you from rust. Primer just creates a surface that paint will stick to better.

Paint or an expoxy based primer will keep it from rusting.

No reason you can't paint it one panel at a time with rattle cans. Learn to wet sand and you can get a killer finish.

Mike said...

My plan exactly. I am going to go ahead and buy the supplies to cover and tape, so that I can paint a panel or two as I go.

For the time being, I think I'll be looking for a blue spay paint. Though eventually, I want the truck back to Chevy Medium Blue.

Darth Daddy said...

Looks smooth - Id definitly get something on it soon. I've been pretty upset with myself, a few times, for sanding a part really nice, then waiting too long to paint it, and having to start over from scratch again.


Rick said...

This may sound crazy, but have you considered waxing it?

I have heard that a coat of paste wax will help protect it even if it has already started rusting. It will supposedly slow down the process. I will try to find you the link. They guy said he got a lot of crazy looks from his neighbors.

Mike said...

I was wondering about wax the other night. And I am all for carzy looks from the neighbors.

If they think you are nuts, they won't let their dogs carp in your yard!

Rick said...

Who said anything about fishing?

{Let me know if you don't get it?}

Mike said...

Carping in the yard is so much worse than crappingin the yard. If you are not careful, you can bust yo' ass slipping on one of those things when you go get the morning paper.

And your place wil STANK if you don't get them carps cleaned up right away...

PS. Why no spell check on comments? Do they think I can actually type?