Saturday, April 23, 2005

Getting wired

We are still a long way off from driving Marge around town. But Rick is making progress and I don't want this truck to sit forever, so I am still working on little things.

Today I replaced the battery cables. The ones on the truck might be original equipment. Regardless, the insulation is worn through on the positive cable and the negative is easy to replace. So they both went. It was a little tricky getting the positive cable bolted back to the starter, with the starter installed. But I got it done.

I also started checking out some of the wiring that has been pieced together over the years. My grandpa obviously did not believe wire connectors of any sort were necessary. Every splice, and there are LOTS, is made of the two wire ends twisted together and wrapped with electrical tape. Ugly, yes. But it obviously worked for a long time. Hopefully my wiring will work as well and look a little better, too.

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