Friday, April 01, 2005

Odd Thing # 4

There is a hole in something. Don't know what the part is called and I don't know what it does. But I bet the hole is not a factory option.

See the Hole of Mystery, here.

And please, no jokes about my High School years, or puberty... This truck is a classic, show some respect, man.


Rick said...

Can we see another shot that shows the surroundings and perhaps orientation?

Rick said...

The blue thing is the oil filter? Red is oil pan?

Rick said...

I see now! The gear looking thing you see through the hole is the fly wheel. On an automatic it is a flex plate.

The thing with the hole in it is I believed called an inspection plate or inspection cover.

For the record, the one on my truck is completely missing. I am told that it is no big deal.

Mike said...

Yeah, the boys over at the 67-72 forums say it is really not a big deal. I'll pick one up in the junkyard, sometime.

Darth Daddy said...

I ran my 87 Firebird for quite a while without that flywheel guard. Cant tell from the picture, but mine was plastic. Not required for operation, but it is nice ot have, since it keeps crud off of the flywheel (and away from the starter piston).