Sunday, April 17, 2005

Red Oxide Primer

Yesterday, I made pretty good progress on the cab roof. I decided to wait on the hood and truck sides until after I see how the roof comes out. If it looks like carp, then I can just throw in the towel and hopefully won't have done any extra damage.

After grinding the worst rust off and hand sanding a lot more, the roof was fairly clean. Not perfect, by any means. If your body shop left it like that, I am sure you could sue 'em. There are a few dings and a lot of pitting up there, but that is getting primed and painted, too.

I sprayed some red oxide primer on the cab roof and called it a night. I asked about the primer at Wal Mart. They guy that recommended it had a 65 Chevy sitting in the parking lot, covered in red oxide primer. Said he did it two years ago. It looked like a big dirt red old truck, so I was satisfied with his idea.

But I also bought some blue paint. I am going to try and cover the cab roof this afternoon. Even though I trusted his recommendation, I don't want to trust the primer for two years.


Rick said...

Can we see a picture please?

Mike said...

The digital camera is missing in action. No pics of this step. Hopefully pictures of blue paint, soon enough.