Saturday, April 02, 2005

Car Night

The Home Depot by The Boss Lady's school hosts 'Car Night' on Saturday evenings. I went out to see if any of the local guys from the Chevy Web Forum were there, with their trucks.

The one guy I met has a great looking 69 Chevy truck. And appropriate for Austin, Texas, it is orange with a white cab roof. Very cool ride. I also saw a guy from our neighborhood who has a cool Ford, red and white, with white vinyl interior. Now that is a cool ride, baby! I learned tonight that it is a 1964 Ranchero. I blogged about his ride, over on AtHomeDaddy, back in October.

In other truck news, I tried to deal with the leaking carb this morning. No success to be had. A remanufactured unit will fit nicely in there. And if it leaks, it'll have a warranty. The bed renovation is complete. I bought a piece of pressure treated plywood and threw it on top of the rusty steel floor. Problem solved.

Temporarily, I hope.

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