Wednesday, March 02, 2005

And the deluge begins

Got another catalog today. This one from LMC, in Kansas. I bet I have a huge stack of these things and lots of extra junkmail, when they sell my info to other advertisers,in the near future.

The Boss Lady may not love it, though. Because now, when I am telling her something about the truck, I can show her a picture, too.

I have started getting a few ideas together for what I ultimately want on the truck. Right now, it is a short list. I want it to go and stop safely, first. I want to deal with the rust problems. I want to replace the seatbelts with shoulder belts, so that The Talker can ride along in his booster seat. And I want to swap out the rear window for one that opens.

Along with the catalogs, I am trying to pick up a couple of 1968 Service Manuals off of Ebay. There are a couple of original ones available now, but it seems like the reproductions are always selling for about $25. Most of the catalogs and other websites list these at around $35. Believe me, I'll need more than just one manual, so I'll buy them wherever I can save a few bucks.


Rick said...

The guy up the street loaned me his '68 Chassis Service manual, a 70 Chassis Service Manual, and a 72 Service Manual. All of them are interesting. Also got two GM truck parts catalogs. All in all, it is more than 12" of manuals. Let me know if I can look anything up for you.

I bought a Haynes manual for the Truck. I would highly recommend it. It was great for the engine teardown. I also have a Haynes for my Dodge and Miata.

I think I will eventually buy a Chassis manual, hopefully a 72.

Mike said...

Yeah, I have just about worn out the Haynes I bought for my first Escort. Two Escorts later and it is still helpful.