Thursday, March 24, 2005

Little Steps.

This afternoon, I was able to clean a little more on the truck. I pulled out the old sound deadening floor pad. Most of it anyways. It was a self stick product and the glue has mostly dried up. So it just crumbled into pieces. The areas that would not come out easily, I left alone. I'll have to revisit this eventually.

I ran the shop vacuum through the cab and got about 10 pound of sand out of there. It looks a lot better after I washed the seat and dash with a soapy rag. Just a little bit of cleaning really helps.

I also ran the vac around the perimeter of the bed, trying to pick up loose bits of steel that have fallen into the seams between the floor and the bed sides. I am a little worried about one of the neighborhood kids cutting themselves on the jagged edges, so I'll be doing this often.

I also pulled the points and rotor out. In the morning I may pull the starter. I want to get it tested to see if it is good. The points and rotor are burned a crapped out, so they are gone. I may also work on getting the seat taken out. I want to get a good look at the gas tank, soon.


Rick said...

Cleaning is good. Try to go easy on the spending though. You don't want to make your wife resent the truck. At least not right away.

The seat comes out pretty easily. I think there are just four bolts. You can probably get it out by yourself but you will definitely want an assistant to help you slide it back in.

Have a good weekend!

Mike said...

The budget is small, but I got a lot done for less than $20 this weekend. I LOVE this truck.

I can't even get a mechanic to spit on the minivan for $20.