Monday, March 07, 2005

Original Manuals

Last week I won a couple of bids on eBay. I am getting original prints of the 1968 Chassis Service Manual and the 1968 Chassis Overhaul Manual (That I have not seen in available in reprint). I got one of them for $1.99 and the other for about $10. Shipping was too high, but since they both came from the same seller, he knocked $5 off of Priority Mail. The reprinted service manual sells for about $30, new. I should have my new books in another couple of days.

And since I will have plenty to read, once I get them, I am swearing off library books for a while. Including the stack I was currently working through. They are all going back tonight, mostly unread.

I have the original owner's manual that came with the truck. I found it, and the manual to a 1948 Chevy truck that is still stuck in the mud, out at the farm. I think I have already read through them a hundred times.


Well, scratch that part about waiting a few more days for the truck books. The USPS website showed that my books were still waiting to be mailed. But they just arrived on my doorstep 5 minutes ago!

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