Thursday, March 24, 2005

Cleaning Up

Yesterday afternoon I was able to get the truck bed swept out. Lots of loose steel pieces and rust came out of there. I also pulled out the leaf blower and blew out the cab and the engine compartment again. I also borrowed a grinder to cut off a particularly menacing looking piece of the replacement steel bedfloor that wsa sitcking up three or four inches, just looking to bite a three year old's hand or face.

My current plan for the weekend: Pulling the seat and more cleaning the cab. I want to see how bad the rust really is in there. Also, I want to see about yanking the gas tank. I want drain it and take the old gas to the hazardous chemicals reclamation center. I might have to siphon it into gas cans, though. And take it in a little at a time, because I am thinking that it is pretty full.

After I get these done, I am going to read up on rebuilding the carburetor. That might come next. Or maybe new door handles and a door lock/ ignition key set.

Or maybe new plugs, points and wires and trying to figure out the starter system is on tap. The possibilities are endless.

Alas, the budget is not.


Rick said...

More unsolicited advice from Rick: Unhook the battery while your not playing with your truck.

Mike said...

No battery in it. So no worries.

There were fifteen auto batteries sitting on the ground behind it, at the farm, but I passed on those. I've been pulling the battery out of one of the wife's cars.