Thursday, March 17, 2005

Marge Lives!

The AtHomeFam spent the afternoon out at the farm. We soaked up the sun and fed the catfish. I had to run out there to replace the tire and get the truck off of blocks.

Since I was driving out, I decided to put some good-sounding advice to use. So I made myself a check list and headed out to complete as many items as I could.

I mainly did fluid and filter checks and tried to get some oil into the valves. After a couple of hours of tinkering, something amazing happened. No, not me locking my keys in the van while it was running. That was annoying, not amazing.

The amazing part... She started. And once I figured out the manual choke, I was able to keep her idling at a decent sounding RPM. I was also watching the oil pressure gauge sit right in the middle of the safe range. The temp gauge never gave a reading, nor did the fuel guage.

But she started and ran. Never moved. But she ran.

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