Monday, March 28, 2005

Cleaning the cab floor

While I was outside yesterday, I cleaned a little more on the bed floor. Most of the glue from the old sound deadening pad is gone. I think I'll have to hit the last of it with a wire wheel. I also hit the underside of the bed with the waterhose. It is amazing, the amount of red clay that has stuck to this truck over the last 37 years. Of course, It really got there during the first 25 of those years and has just been stuck in place for the past dozen years.

I seriously considered pulling out the gas tank yesterday. But I will have to do something with it, once I get it out of the truck. So installed, it stays. I also thought about opening up the carb, but I got some advice recently. The idea is that I should do the entire rebuild at one time, from disassembly, to completion. Much less chance of losing parts. I think that is good advice. Now I have to hit up NAPA and get a rebuild kit.

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