Thursday, March 10, 2005

TruckDate 3.10.05 - (AKA The Truck Update)

The kids and I headed out to the farm this morning, to begin the rescue of the truck. We brought a couple more pieces back, including one wheel and one hubcap. I need to get a flat fixed before I can tow The Blue Beast/Marge home. I may head out there again soon, to replace the other front tire. It holds air and I think it will make the 45 miles home, but better safe than stuck in the middle of nowhere with a 3600lb truck attached to your rear bumper.

And in casual conversation last night, The Boss Lady called the truck "a rust bucket". I tried to explain the difference between a rust bucket and a classic, but she decided it would make a lousy bucket anyways. Based on the fact that a quality bucket only has one hole in it. The Blue Beast/Marge/Rust Bucket has many holes in it, in lots of interesting and exciting locations...

While at the farm, I was able to pick up the title and verify the VIN number. So based on the VIN Decoder at, I know these things about the truck (some are different than I previously thought):

Model Number- CE10904 (from the glove box sticker)

Bought new on 09/30/68 from Miller Chevy in Rockdale, Texas (per the title)

It is a 4x2, two wheel drive

It has a V8 engine

It is a 1/2 ton truck, with a 5000 GVW (from the door plate)

It is a 1968 Stepside pickup

It was built in St. Louis - not Baltimore (the glove box plate is hard to read)

It was one of the first 215,000 1968 Chevrolet trucks to roll off of the line.

It weighs approximately 3600lbs (per the title)

And here are a couple of more things I learned online, taken from the Standard Catalog of American Light-Duty Trucks, 3rd edition:

The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSPR) on this truck was $2468

It weighed 3477lbs, when new (less now, thanks to the rust holes)

There were 18632 made in 1968 (Longbed, Stepside, 1/2 ton).

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