Thursday, March 24, 2005

Treasure Hunt, Part 1

A list of the things that I have found while cleaning the old girl out.

Lots and lots of mud wasp nests. Some as big as my fist.
One old tennis ball
Two tractor spark plugs
One bird's nest
One radiator hose under the seat.
One skeleton of a rat or small lizard. I did not look real close.
Several corncobs sitting on the intake manifold. I've got pics.
Several pieces of foam that Papa had used to fashion a battery box.
A bathroom sink. It was in the bed but it stayed at the farm.
30 gallons of paint. See note above.
Several miscellaneous seat belt parts and pieces. Some green, some blue, some brown, most not attached to the truck.
About a mile of bailing wire. Some of it structural.

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