Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Or not... Again

My dad did not come down in his truck. So the 68 is still sitting at the farm. I stopped by the tool store and picked up a 4 ton come-a-long, and some other stuff. Plus, I got a tire mounted on the 68 wheel. At least I am good to go, when another opportunity arises.

Hopefully soon.

Or I could tinker around when I go out to reinstall the tire. Maybe I can just drive the @#*( thing back to town. Of course, after consulting the wife, I seriously doubt that will happen.

I would have to commit several misdemeanors to get it here. The license plates are 12 years old. It has not been registered or inspected in 12 years, either. The cost of the tickets would quickly surpass the cost of a rented truck and trailer. Plus, I don't want to cause anymore damage to the engine or brakes. And I seriously doubt it would start for me, anyways.

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