Thursday, March 17, 2005

Casting Numbers and Wooden Beds

Over at The Dirt Forum, I was able to learn a little more about the truck.

While I was tinkering this afternoon, I was looking for the block casting numbers. I did not get that far, but I found the Intake Manifold casting numbers. 3927183 is listed as a 1969 2BBL Rochester Cast Iron Manifold that was used on either a 307 engine or a 327. I am not any closer to learning the displacement of this engine. But now I wonder why this is not the 1968 2BBL Rochester, stamped 3919801.

Could it be this truck was made late in the production year?

I also found out that the truck did indeed have an original wooden bed. Some of it is still there, hiding under a replacement steel floor that was put in no telling when.


Rick said...

On my small block, the casting number is located on the aft end just above and just below the bell housing for the transmission. I was not able to read it until after I pulled the engine.

Did you get the VIN number and Model number? One is located in the glove box. The other is located inside the drivers door. One of these when decoded will tell you your engine size.

Mike said...

Yeah, the VIN clued me in that it was a V8, but nothing more specific. Since nothing is shown on the glovebox sticker, either, I assume it is a 307. But someday I'll know for sure...