Monday, March 21, 2005

Moving day approaches

I got a call from my uncle, who is living at the farm. He has decided to bring the truck to town for me. He has a trailer and a 1 ton truck. I have my doubts about the capacity of the trailer but I don't think I can change his mind.

He may show up Friday with Marge. Hopefully he will call first, so that I can help get her loaded. And so I can witness the show. It should be an exciting trip. A 3500 pound, 37 year old truck loaded onto a questionable trailer, being pulled by a 15 year old welding truck. Plus, he might show up at 6 am or at 11:30 pm. I hope to get a little advanced notice. Just so I can make sure The Boss Lady is prepared.

Oh the stories I'll have to tell. Or deny.

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