Friday, March 25, 2005

Making Progress and a Big Mess!

The Boss Lady is off work today, so I spent most of the day out in the driveway. I actually got a lot accomplished, though it might be hard to see.

This morning I ran to the auto parts store. I picked up new points and a condenser, and a new rotor for the distributor. Also, I bought a new thermostat and gasket. These were items that I have done in the past, on other cars, so I was confident all would go well.

I got all of these thing installed pretty quickly. Getting the points set to the proper gap proved more challenging than I remembered from my 69 Volkswagen Beetle that I had in High School. The thermostat was not leaking when I started. Now it is. I think I'll have to get another gasket and try again. I noticed the leak when I tried to start her up. So, we never ran today.

And we won't tomorrow, either. After getting all of the parts back in place, I took the carburetor off. I have not decided if I am going to rebuild it with a kit, or if I am going to replace it with a remanufactured carb. The $100 price difference might make the decision easier. But the fact that I want this truck to eventually run, might cause me to spend that cash.

Feeling brave, I took the seat out, and got the last of the old sound deadening off of the cab floor. I vacuumed up at least fifty dirt dobber nests. Luckily none of the little buggers were home. I scraped as much sand and gunk out of the cab as possible. Looks pretty good in there, now. Though I still have a lot of the adhesive to scrape away.. I cleaned the windows, inside and out and called it a day.

Pics later. I am too tired to mess with them now.

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